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MARCORSYSCOM (Quantico, VA - Support provided at MCLB, Albany, GA)

Knight provides life cycle logistics support to ensure system and equipment availability in support of the Comprehensive Logistics Support, Combat Camera Program.

Principal activities include coordinating a comprehensive logistics effort to ensure OPFOR readiness/sustainment goals are met, tracking COMCAM assets in the MARFORs, conducting logistics and cost analyses to support the PMO’s ability to make informed decisions, and supporting the development of logistics related documentation in a spiral development program.

Critical actions include systematically identifying and assessing logistics alternatives (particularly for commercial and NDI products), analyzing and resolving logistics deficiencies with fielded equipment, and managing acquisition logistics throughout the system’s development and deployment cycles.

Knight is responsible for supporting the development of system training, conducting sub-system level Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) to highlight trade space recommendations, managing and tracking system deliveries, and providing acquisition-related OPFOR support. Within this framework are requirements for logistics assessments of commercial product solutions, validation of supportability impacts, test strategy definition, and assisting with the implementation of a comprehensive supportability strategy.Additionally, selected alternatives and program strategies are vetted through formal IPTs and other SME forums to ensure suitability for use (e.g., safety, environmental, etc.).Knight is responsible for supporting these program efforts with expert knowledge of USMC concepts of employment and with applied logistics expertise to exploit commercial product capabilities utilizing all facets of technical assessment, program management, and support planning.

Key support actions include preparation of program support documentation ensuring logistics readiness for critical test events, demonstrations, and acquisition milestones; interfacing with Marine Corps operational and logistics units; and providing high-quality recommendations to project staff pertinent to mission effectiveness and course of action (COA) selection for total life cycle systems support.

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