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SPAWAR Pacific

SPAWAR Systems Center - Pacific (San Diego, CA)

Integrated Logistics Support

  • Knight provides configuration management support to the Commercial SATCOM Program. Knight compiles, verifies, and updates and maintains complete and accurate configuration data for each Commercial SATCOM system. Knight preserves the data on:
    • Configuration Data Management Database-Open Architecture (CDMD-OA)
    • System Configuration Control Proposals (SCCPs)
    • Justification Cost Form (JCFs)
    • Installation Requirements Drawings (IRDs)
    • Temporary Alterations (TEMPALTs)
    • Field Change Bulletins (FCBs)
    • Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
  • In order to quickly disseminate information, Knight provides data and inventory management, maintaining accurate and up-to-date control on parts, assemblies, components and Master Library documentation.
  • Knight catalogs and controls all major and minor SATCOM assets located at PITCO and OEM facilities. Knight receives, inspects, ships, stores, tracks, transfers and stages all commercial COTS assets. Our daily database entries keep the SATCOM system configuration up-to-date.

Operational and Technical Support

  • Knight provides systems engineering and technical support to US Navy ships, as well as sites equipped with the Commercial SATCOM Program Systems. Knight supplies on-site support through ship-riding worldwide on a 24/7 basis. Distance technical support is provided via telephone, record message traffic, and email.
  • Knight pro-actively investigates production issues, Casualty Reports (CASREPs), Remedy tickets, installation problems, and warranty repairs, continuously reporting back to the end user.
  • Using approved procedures, we review and update test measures, and conduct testing of the Commercial SATCOM Program systems.
  • Knight examines all areas of equipment, including system integration, baseline testing, individual component testing, isolation testing, end-to-end verification, interoperability functions, design, and maintainability.
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